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How it Works

1. Create a MemoryShare page

Start by simply entering basic information about the deceased, including: name, birthdate, and a summary of the person's life. This will be the start of the MemoryShare page for your loved one.

You can share as much information as you wish, and can add/edit information whenever you'd like, including hobbies, timelines, pictures, and videos. You may also "connect" your loved one to those he or she knew, whether they were relatives or best friends, and can share memories about the relationship between them.

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2. Receive plaque gift and information kit

Once you've created your account, look for a packet in the mail that will include more information on how to utilize your MemoryShare account. The packet also includes an engraved plaque which allows users of smartphones and other portable devices to find the MemoryShare page you created.

3. Apply plaque to the gravesite or memorial

Place the small (1" x 3") metal engraved plaque wherever you wish on the gravesite headstone or memorial. We supply a small piece of outdoor weather-proof adhesive for you to do so.

QR Code Plaque

Popular devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones can translate the small square QR Code engraved on the plaque and view the MemoryPage of the deceased directly from the gravesite.

You may also simply share the link to the page with others, without using the engraved plaque.