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About MemoryShare

Family at the Cemetary

Have you ever walked past someone's gravesite and wanted to learn more about the person? Would you like people to know the history of your loved one or even of yourself?

We rely on fragments of stories passed down through generations to learn about those who have passed. But as generations pass, so do the stories.

MemoryShare helps you preserve memories for everyone to remember.

Changing How We Remember

Rather than simply leaving behind a gravestone to mark the end of a life, make it the starting point to celebrate a life lived. Creating a MemoryShare page for the deceased will collect memories into one place. An engraved plaque attached to the gravesite enables visitors and passersby to laugh, smile and cry while reading the shared memories, and allows them to also share their own.   How it Works ›

Simple and Respectful

While a life may contain enough memorable moments to fill a book, we believe the best way to represent the past is with modesty and decency. A typical MemoryShare page includes a person's name, birth and deceased dates, family, photos, and a summary of his or her life. This may be similar to an obituary (which you may include) except that you may go into as much or as little detail as you'd prefer. The MemoryShare page allows you to include additional photos and videos as well, displayed in simple and elegant detail.

You have the option of allowing other friends and family to edit a profile, and you may also enable page visitors to share memories of their own.

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