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Brad Michael Jamison

4/12/1991 - 4/28/2011

Brad Jamison, 20, of Minneapolis passed away April 28, 2011 as a result of a long battle with leukemia. His friends and family were by his side as he passed. He was born to Brenda and William Jamison of Minneapolis, MN on April 12th 1991. Brad attended Madison Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School, and Cooper High School.

He was a junior at the University of Minnesota, majoring in Biology. His greatest aspiration was to become a doctor and help people afflicted with leukemia. He was a member of the Student Council and created a student group for people with leukemia. He was dedicated to getting the word out about leukemia along with other health issues. He also attended Trinity Lutheran Church in Brooklyn Park.

Brad is survived by his parents Brenda and William Jamison; his brother Trent Jamison and his sister Sarah Jamison all of Minneapolis. He also leaves his maternal grandparents, Harold and Mary Jones, of St. Paul; and his paternal grandparents, Joyce and Jim Jamison of Indianapolis. He is also survived by his girlfriend, Karen Johnson of Minneapolis and his close friend John Bilman of Minneapolis and several loving aunts, uncles, cousins and a host of friends.

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